Project Manager

Project Manager

What is Fair Agro Food

Founded in 2020 Fair Agro Food (FAF) is a social enterprise that is passionate about improving livelihoods of smallholder farmers and communities in Sudan. The company has established 23 women led nurseries in villages in Darfur and Kordofan employing over 300 women. Today these nurseries produce tree saplings. In the future they will be become agricultural service centers where small holders can get support for inputs, micro-loans, knowledge, and machineries to do agroforestry.  Part of FAF’s benefits will be returned to the communities.



FAF operates with an equal opportunities policy and is committed to diversity in the workplace. Qualified women and men, people of all nationalities, and cultural backgrounds, and candidates with disabilities are welcome to apply.

What is AUXFIN International?

AUXFIN is social enterprise with the mission of: “financial and social inclusion for all” ( AUXFIN builds networks of connected farmer groups and provides with apps and services to enable them to work on a self-development program. Farmers are supported by an activator network to make sure that apps are being used well. Via the UMVA platform (Universal Network of Value Access) farmers are connected to a local bank account and can start saving, receive a loan and make payments online. Digital coaches with are provided to the groups to help them working towards their self-development goals. Examples are the AgriCoach, HealthCoach, NutritionCoach, FinanceCoach. The system can be used to collect orders from individuals and groups and to monitor the delivery of produce at the cooperative or factory. AUXFIN will register locally at the start of the project.

Job Summary

Over a period of three years FAF and AUXFIN aim to create 2,000 decent jobs for young people in Sudan and improve the living conditions of thousands of farmers. This objective is supported by the Dutch Challenge Fund for Youth Employment ( and Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees (


FAF will produce Acacia Senegal sapling that stop desertification, improve the soil (nitrogen fixing tree) and water availability for surrounding crops. After four years, the trees produce Arabic gum, which can significantly increase incomes of farmers. In addition to Acacia trees, the nurseries will produce fruit tree and vegetable saplings improving local nutrition production.


As many farmers do not have the resources to buy input materials such as fertilizers, seeds, or saplings, AUXFIN will start saving groups connected to an eBank account. These accounts can be used to order inputs, services and micro-loans.  The agricenters will let machinery such as tractors to improve the yields of annual crops. FAF will also be responsible for buying or marketing the Arabic gum, fruits, vegetables, and other crops produced so that farmers get a fair price and are able to pay back their micro loans. The delivery, stock management and repayment by the farmers will be managed via the UMVA platform.



The Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for leading the CFYE and Ecosia project to a success and coordinate all the partners involved in the project. 

Job Responsibilities

·        Provide on-site leadership for project team by building and motivating team members to meet project goals, adhering to their responsibilities and project milestones

·        Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of the CFYE/ Ecosia program.

·        Ensure that the project is delivered on-time, within scope and within budget

·        Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant internal stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility

·        Ensure resource availability and allocation

·        Report on project success criteria results

·        Provide status reporting regarding project milestones, deliverable, dependencies, risks and issues, communicating across leadership

·        Participate in establishing practices, templates, policies, tools and partnerships to expand and mature these capabilities for the organization

·        Prepare estimates and detailed project plan for all phases of the project

·        Procure adequate resources to achieve project objectives in planned timeframes

·        Monitor staff performance and complete performance reviews

·        Represent organization at local government, vendors, financial contacts and other local relations

·        Act as an internal quality control check for the project by performing field visits and administration checks

·        Assist in dispute, negotiation, arbitration, or litigation, as needed

·        Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel

·        Monitor, track, and control outcomes to resolve issues, conflicts, dependencies and critical path deliverables

·        Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project and program team

·        Proven success in providing on site leadership for project team by building and motivating team members to meet project goals, adhering to their responsibilities and project milestones

·        Deliver appropriate and effective executive level communication

·        Ensure that projects and programs are proceeding according to scope, schedule, budget, and quality standards

·        Manage project and program issues and risks to mitigate impact to baseline


·        Report to the CEO

Job Responsibilities

·        Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate field of study

·        7+ years of project management experience, including tracking and planning projects

·        Intermediate level of proficiency with Word and Excel, and PowerPoint with experience presenting to stakeholders and Leadership  

·        Speaking fluent English and Arabic

·        Excellent leadership abilities

·        Proven ability to demonstrate a drive for results and accountability of business needs

·        Proven ability to work in an ambiguous environment and collaborate across multiple areas in order to achieve a common business objective

·        Experience with Monitoring & Evaluation processes

·        Interpersonal skills to influence and spur change, facilitate, and enhance performance within the specific Sudanese agricultural environment

·        Demonstrate decisiveness in resolving business problems, making decisions and identifying priorities


·        Strong focus on impact in connection with local communities

Competency Profile

Leading Organization

·       Strategic Perspective: Demonstrate alignment of the Organisation’s strategic priorities and goals.

·       Change Management: Uses effective strategies to facilitate organisation change initiatives and overcome resistance to change by involving others, listening, and building commitment.

·       Decisiveness and Agility: Prefers quick and appropriate actions in many management situations, able to adapt and respond to fast changing eco system/environment



Leading Others

·       Leading Teams: Attracts, motivates, and develops high performing teams.

·       Building Collaborative Relationships: Builds productive working relationships with co-workers and external parties, whilst valuing diversity (gender, race/tribe, culture).

·       Communication: Expresses ideas clearly and concisely; disseminates information about decisions and plans proactively.


Leading Self

·       Leading with Purpose and Credibility: Acts in accordance with stated values; has strong commitment to develop, promote and practice FAF’s values


·       Innovation and Taking Initiative: Takes charge and proactively seeks new ideas, experiments with new processes/practices that capitalizes on opportunities

Salary and financial package


Recruitment Procedure

CV’s of no more than 5 pages in length are appreciated. Please provide at least 3 references related to your previous employment listed in the application. References of previous positions held should not be older than five years.

Only selected candidates will be contacted and invited to participate in the process of recruitment. It is our aim to inform all other candidates of their status in the recruitment process within 4 weeks after the vacancy has closed. An assessment may be part of the recruitment procedure. Documents that do not match the profile above will not be considered. Internal candidates will have priority, in case of similar results.


Please note that, as part of its recruitment process, FAF carries out background and reference checks for all candidates. As FAF participates in the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme, all reference checks include a written questionnaire: the “Statement of Conduct”, which will be sent to past employers regarding Misconduct (such as sexual exploitation, abuse, or harassment).

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