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Sudan has:
  • Population of 43 million people
  • 5,8 million people who are food insecure
  • 2,4 million children acutely malnourished
  • 33% people living below the poverty line
  • 25% youth unemployed
  • Rains declined by 10–20% since the mid 1970s
  • Forest cover declined > 10% per decade
Fair Agro Food wants to open the potential of Sudan and its small holders by bringing innovation on several areas with private sector investment.

Sudan has a shortage of wheat and healthy food. Through agroforestry we provide the ability to get flour from another grain, increase the food security and develop high fiber food.

Small holders [Goal 2023: 6.000]


Trees planted [Goal 2023: 8.000.000]


CO2 reduced [Goal 2023: 20.000.000 kg.]

In partnership with:


Fair Agro Food

We processes flour from guar and grains in Sudan.

We create impact by:

Agricultural innovation with agro-forestry

Social innovation by training and more sources of income

Increasing food security with nutritional innovation


We aim to have long term impact on small holders in Sudan.


Better income for small holders because of more sources of income, fair prices and increase of production of existing sources.


More youth at work in villages. More gender equality. More community responsibilities.


More green deck. More rain. Reduce CO2.

How does it work?

What is agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland. This intentional combination of agriculture and forestry has varied benefits, including increased biodiversity and reduced erosion. (Wikipedia)

How does nature benefit?

The guar and the acacia trees are basic elements for agroforestry. The trees with deep roots have access to water and make the soil suitable for growing crops. The guar is high in nitrogen and gives feeding to the trees and other crops. Therefor you do not need any fertilizers for the crops when the trees and guar grow in the same soil.

What products do we process?

With the philosophy of the circular economy, we try to use every part of the products in the food chains. For example, the green waste of all the products is used as animal fodder. The guar beans are split, and the guar splits are used for healthy food powder and industrial powder. Each sub product in the process can be used in certain applications. The grains are cleaned and hulled and then milled into flour. The flour will be mixed with gum food powder which gives a good basis for healthy high fiber bread.

What trees and crops are grown?

Fair Agro Food supports the growing of guar, sorghum, millet and corn in between acacia trees. Farmers cut small holes in the acacia trees and derive gum acacia from it. The guar is a kind of bean and is rich of fibers. It is processed to food powder for food applications, animal fodder and products for other applications. The sorghum, millet and corn are processed to flour and mixed with guar food powder for healthy products.

How do we support agroforestry?

All cooperatives and small holders associated with Fair Agro Food get training for the best practices in agroforestry regarding weeding, sowing and harvesting. Farmers are advised on and provided with the best quality seeds. During these processes Fair Agro Food supports in services like machinery to do the activities mechanized. After harvesting, Fair Agro Food buys the products for a fair price.